In Memory


Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!






Wendell E. “Wendy” Webber

Francis Doug Fane

CAPTAIN John Joseph Flynn

David Smith

Tony Ray Linzey

Henry Edward Stanley

Patrick Raymond Burkett

James A. Hodge

Edward Inman

Jerry Moss

Frank Gilbert

Ed Erwin

CAPTAIN George W. Folta

Michael Jacobs

RMCS R. W. Hancock

BT3 Romeo Rodriguez

RM1 Neal Dever

LTJG Albert Schaufelbeger

MM1 Chuck  "Dutch" Forshey

Louis T. Osteen

BM1 Jerry Isaacson

CDR Bruce A. Tager

Joseph T. Ozene

SKC O.E. Wilson

HMC L. J. Holliday, Jr.

CDR Edward J. Lefebvre

CAPTAIN James A. Homyak

Julian Herndon

EN2 Ronald W. Raymond

HT2 James Byron Neighbors

Timothy W. Nowak

CWO W.D. McFarland

EM3 Richard D. Isotalo II

O. Jack Cathey

MMC Charles L. Hoffman

MM3 Harold L. Hoffman

Earl J. Newton

Lawrence F. Blubaugh

Larry Joe Smith

Billy James Smith

Charles W. Ashby

BT3 Jerry Dean Lane

MM1 John D. Schilreff

BT2 Barney E. Mecom

Franklin L. Whiteman

HM3 Jeff Mold

MM3 Richard Andrew Nelson

Captain Robert F. Stanton

BT3 Roger Mcginness 1968-1971

Ronald J. Christensen

CS3 George Francis Raasch

LTJG Jim Walter

DC3 Louis T. Osteen

ENC Julian A. Herndon

MM James Michael Howeth  1961-64

FA Jack Elmo Triplett  1963-66

FA Ronald S. Sims   1961-63

BT3  James A. Harper  1962-64
FN Jackie D. Hopwood  1962-65

MM3 Eddie L. Gibson  1958-60
BT Jerry Clarkson   1957

BT2 Donald W. Lang  1959

QMSN Glenn Matkin

MM3 Charles A. Bailey 1963-67

Plankowner Clyde A. Henson, Jr.

Plankowner Larry A. Kearney

Plankowner Henry R. Parry

Planlowner Bob T. Robbins, Jr.

Plankowner E. Bell

Plankowner MMC Sven L. Rodeen

Plankowner MM3 Walter D. Case

LT Gerry W. Thomas   2nd Div   1965-66

MMFN Carl G. Tilman 1959-62

Joseph Patire 1962

PN3 Jerry Ray Wilcox

MMC Gerald Norman Nicholson

BT3 Daniel M. Hofeling

EN2 Leonard L. Sell, Jr

 EN2 Robert Albert Ertel

MMC John Clarence Rhudy 1965

Plankowner SK3 Leavin Thomas Brinley 

CS2 Karl "Bill" Caswell  1961-1963

YN David M. Berman, 1958-1961

MM  Kenneth Roe Duke 1965- 68

SN Fred Moore - 1963

MM3 Walter E. "Popeye" Voight 1961-1963

SM3 Lacy A. Freeman 1980-1983

FT2 Don Scott Shumake 1960-1963

SFC John J. Mucci 1957-1962

MM1 Joseph Junior Piette 1962-1966

FTG2 Michael M. Tucker 1966-1969

BT2 John D. Mcginness 1968-1972

SN  V. John Abels 1969-1971

MR2 Wayne Bauer 1975-1977

MR3 Thomas E. Quiggle 1960-1964

Plankowner RM Robert Joergensen 1957-1958

HT Joe Anton 1969-1970

MM3 Donald E. Monks 1960-1963

QM2 John L. Fritz 1970-1971

SM2 Ronald J. Mayer 1962-1967

FA Leon D. Bjerke 1959-1960

BMC Ralph H. Miller

MM2 Elliott Brant Grantham, 1957-1961

MM3 Rodney Dean Nordquist, 1963-1966

Plankowner William "Pete" Peters, 1957-1959

Plankowner SN Robert Buck Berryman, 1957-1958

ETN2 Floyd E. Mitzmyer, 1967-1970

RM2 Anthony Racioppo, 1960-1962

HM3 Barry Craven, 1966

MM3 Rodney Charles Foskett, 1962-1966

BM3 Michael Battisti, 1965-1969

Plankowner SN Jack Dover, 1957-1958

IC1 Norman Ray Dye, 1978-1980

MM1 Charles D. Richardson, 1965-1969

SA Richard Ward, 1957-1960

MM Dennis Henderson, 1963-1966

MM1 Emmitt L. Dunn, 1962-1967

MMC Mike Carter 1978-1980

Plankowner SN Richard David Ward 1957-1960

MMCS Rodger Gunter 1973-1978

Plankowner FN David E. Bell  1957-1958

William C. Kropff 1965-1968

MM1 Robert (Bob) Elledge 1958-1966

Plankowner MM2 William Lee Helms 1957-1959

SN Kenneth Gress  1962-1966

EN1 Louie Villa 1968-1970










This page is dedicated to our shipmates that have gone on before us.

If you know of a shipmate that should be listed on this page,

please email his name here

"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile ... can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction, 'I served in the United States Navy'."

-- President John F. Kennedy
1963, Annapolis, MD