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At the above website you and /or your family can download claim forms and read other information about the benefits for survivors of the atomic blasts.

Asbestos Exposure Information


If you are looking for a worthy project to support, here's the

perfect one for a former sailor such as yourself.

The former USS Lucid MSO 458 is being refitted to her original launching condition by a nonprofit group in Stockton, California to be used as a floating museum to illustrate and teach our nautical history.

Not only is the ship being restored to her original glory but much of the work is being done by troubled youth of our county under the leadership of our local veterans.

Click on the logo above to find out more.


Veterans Benefits for Seniors


       USN - Together We Served







Number Name Additional Information
LSD-1 USS Ashland Name used again for LSD-48
LSD-2 USS Belle Grove  
LSD-3 USS Carter Hall Name used again for LSD-50
LSD-4 USS Epping Forest  
LSD-5 USS Gunston Hall Name used again for LSD-44
LSD-6 USS Lindenwald  
LSD-7 USS Oak Hill  
LSD-8 USS White Marsh Taiwan Navy
LSD-13 USS Casa Grande    
LSD-14 USS Rushmore Name used again for LSD-47
LSD-15 USS Shadwell In Mobile AL, used for fire fighting
LSD-16 USS Cabildo  
LSD-17 USS Catamount  
LSD-18 USS Colonial  
LSD-19 USS Comstock Same name as LSD-45
LSD-20 USS Donner  
LSD-21 USS Fort Mandan Greek Navy - click to see update
LSD-22 USS Fort Marion Taiwan Navy
LSD-23 USS Fort Snelling  
LSD-24 USS Point Defiance Cancelled
LSD-25 USS San Marcos Spanish Navy
LSD-26 USS Tortuga Name used again for LSD-46
LSD-27 USS Whetstone  
LSD-28 USS Thomaston In Suisun Bay CA Reserve Fleet.
LSD-29 USS Plymouth Rock  
LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling  
LSD-31 USS Point Defiance In Suisun Bay CA Reserve Fleet.
LSD-32 USS Spiegel Grove  
LSD-33 USS Alamo Brazilian Navy
LSD-34 USS Hermitage Brazilian Navy
LSD-35 USS Monticello In Suisun Bay CA Reserve Fleet.
LSD-36 USS Anchorage  
LSD-37 USS Portland  
LSD-38 USS Pensacola Taiwan Navy
LSD-39 USS Mount Vernon  
LSD-40 USS Fort Fisher In Suisun Bay, CA Reserve Fleet.
LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island  
LSD-42 USS Germantown  
LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry  
LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall Same name as LSD-5
LSD-45 USS Comstock Same name as LSD-19
LSD-46 USS Tortuga Same name as LSD-26
LSD-47 USS Rushmore Same name as LSD-14
LSD-48 USS Ashland Same name as LSD-1
LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry  
LSD-50 USS Carter Hall Same name as LSD-3
LSD-51 USS Oak Hill  
LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor  

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